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Investing in Your Family's Legacy: Custom Portrait Photography to Treasure Forever

Are you ready for your one-of-a-kind, fully guided portrait experience? At Timeless Moments by Presha, we offer the highest-quality products matched with impeccable customer service. We provide hands-on assistance to create a custom portrait session tailored to fit your needs. From beginning to end, we are with you every step of the way. We offer flexible a la carte pricing, and you only purchase what's right for you.

Your portrait experience includes Pre-session consultation and planning, Wardrobe styling assistance, location scouting and planning, travel within Colorado Springs,  your "model for a day experience", and your reveal appointment to design your very own custom heirloom art pieces. We even deliver your custom products straight to your door.


Our portrait retainer of $690 includes a $500 product credit. 
You can use the credit towards our range of portrait products, which starts at $200 and encompasses both flexible a la carte selections and comprehensive all-inclusive packages. You only purchase what's right for you, and best of all, our products include the corresponding digital images, so you get the best of both worlds: a printed product and a digital image.

Let's Talk!

In a short phone conversation we can answer any questions you may have about The Timeless Moments Experience and what we can do for you. In this conversation we get to know you and your specific vision for your portrait session. Let us help you create your dream experience and preserve it in time.

It's your legacy, let's preserve it! We believe that your story should be meticulously created and showcased around your home. That's why we offer stunning heirloom albums, extraordinary story boxes and archival canvas portraits to adorn your walls. Just imagine, your family's story being relived and shared for generations to come. 

acrylic cover album by Timeless Moments

Heirloom Albums

See your family's memories come alive as you turn the pages of your very own fine art heirloom album! These hand crafted books are the best way to pass down special memories through generations. We even include the digital files in a coordinating usb.

premium wood folio box (story box) by Ti

Story Boxes

Open your story box filled with your family's photographs and relive those moments again and again. You'll even be able to share your images online with your loved ones, using the included usb of your story box images.

Hand painted canvas by photographer Alicia Potter of Timeless Moments by Presha located in

Luxury Canvas

We believe in the power of print. There is a greater connection to a tangible art piece over anything digital. We also know that digital files are easy to share with your loved ones and that's why we include the matching digital files with all of our signature wall art for ease of social media sharing.

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