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Let's Celebrate Black History Month

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

"History has shown us that courage can be contagious, and hope can take on a life of its own."

-Michell Obama

While celebrating Black History Month has always been important to me while growing up, how I celebrate it has changed. I now look at it, as a time of reflection and assessment. A time to celebrate the achievements, talents, and resilience of the Black community as a whole. This month I will post a series of blogs focusing on these things. From sharing some of my favorite family recipes, to highlighting African American's that have contributed to this great nation. I want to kick off this months celebration by recognizing my 3 amazing kids.

ABC 7 News on your side feature

So a pretty cool thing happened after our first big snow storm here in the Washington DC metro area. My boys age 11 and 13, built an awesome snowman. My boys are originally from Florida, and were so excited when we received a little over 12 inches of snow here in the Dumfries area. They were outside before the snow could finish falling and had so much fun playing in it. Our four legged baby Lucky the Golden doodle also had a blast. The boys worked really hard and I couldn't be more proud of their frozen sculpture so as a mom and photographer, I had to snap a few photos. I decided to submit them to the local news station WJLA ABC 7 News DC and to my surprise they aired the photo that day on the evening news and gave a shout out to my boys for building an incredible snowman and to me for capturing it on camera. The kids had no idea until a family friend called to say they saw them on the news.

The cleanup after the snow storm was no joke but we made it through with our two little emergency snow shovels. My daughter was home for Christmas break and her flight was canceled and rescheduled five times and left her stranded here in DC until finally catching a flight out and back to Florida State University on Wednesday evening. I also want to say a special congratulations to her and all of her accomplishments through all the challenges she has faced. She has officially applied for graduation and will be walking across the stage in April with her Bachelors of Science in Biology. Here's a video of her playing in the snow with Lucky.

Family Photographer in Woodbridge Virginia

If you're in the Washington DC Metro area and wanting to capture some amazing family photos with your loved ones, don't hesitate to give me a call at (202)-963-2009 or send me an email at

Thanks for reading, and I can't wait to capture "today's timeless moments, tomorrow's priceless treasures."


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