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Expecting in the Springs: A Maternity Photo Session with a Colorado Springs Photographer

Maternity photography is a special and intimate way to celebrate the beauty and wonder of pregnancy. As a maternity photographer, I have had the privilege of capturing this special time for many families, and I always enjoy the opportunity to photograph in the studio. Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph a maternity session in my Colorado Springs, Colorado studio and it was an absolute joy.

The studio offers a controlled environment where the lighting, background, and poses can be carefully curated to create a beautiful and timeless set of images. For the maternity session, we focused on highlighting the mom-to-be's pregnancy glow and femininity. We used a variety of poses, lighting, and backdrops to create a range of images that truly captured the beauty and wonder of this special time.

One of the highlights of the session was a series of shots taken in front of a simple white backdrop. The mom-to-be was wearing a flowing blue gown, and the contrast between the blue dress and the white background created a stunning and ethereal effect. The lighting was also key in creating this effect, with soft and diffused lighting used to create a gentle and natural look.

We also used a variety of props such as a floral arrangement of pampas grass and a vintage pedestal stand to create a range of images that were both classic and timeless. The mom-to-be was also able to bring in her own personal items such as a family heirloom, a book or a piece of jewelry to make the session more personal. She opted for custom crowns for the entire family.

Overall, the studio maternity session was a wonderful experience. The studio environment allowed for complete control over the lighting, background, and poses, resulting in a beautiful set of images that truly captured the beauty and wonder of the mom-to-be's pregnancy. If you're looking for a special and intimate way to celebrate this special time, I highly recommend a studio maternity photography session with Timeless Moments by Presha.

​If you or someone you know is expecting, contact Alicia Potter, a maternity and family photographer serving Woodbridge Virginia, Washington D.C. metro and Colorado Springs starting in May 2023. I may be reached by telephone at 202-963-2009 or click the button above and get scheduled for a complimentary consultation.

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