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The Front Porch Project St. John's Florida


I'm finally ready to get back at blogging and this is by far a perfect time since I'll be spending most of my time social distancing in the comfort of my home. With that said I would like to welcome you to my little version of #thefrontporchproject

I came across an idea and wanted to see if I could get it started in my area. I will start this weekend March 27, 2020 with my neighborhood and begin to branch out to other neighborhoods that are interested in participating.

With everything going on in the world today and the uncertainty of the #covid-19 #coronavirus, God has put in my spirit to do my part and use one of my gifts to uplift our community. I've been inspired to shed some light during this dark time. With social distancing becoming the new norm, most of us are home with our entire family more now than ever. I came across this idea on social media called #TheFrontStepsProject or #TheFrontPorchProject and I thought "Wow, maybe this can be my way of giving back to our community and helping uplift a few families. "

I would like to use my local small photography business, Timeless Moments by Presha to do just that and help other small businesses during this time of economic decline. I'm calling it the #TimelessMomentsMovement or #TimelessMomentsProject (still working on the name and the kinks out)

I'll be offering a completely free front porch photography session of you and /or your family documenting your resilience and strength as we get through this together. We as a nation united will get through this to better days ahead.

This shoot will only take up to 5 mins of your time and I will stay more than the required social distance recommendations away from you. (I'll be out at the edge of your yard or in the street) I have an amazing zoom lens that's perfect for this. All that I ask in return is that you make a small purchase to any local small business of your choice. By doing this we will help each other by giving. Even if you're unable to support a small business at this time, I'm still available to photograph your family. When I publish your photo to my blog and/or social media outlets I will tag the small business that you have chosen to support.

We are in this thing together and we will get through it. If you would like to participate fill out the form at the link below. Share this with all your neighbors so we can shed a little light in this world. I would like to have at least 5 families to participate in each neighborhood before I schedule a day and time to swing by.

Thanks in advance for your time,

Alicia P Potter, Owner #Photographer #Creative #Artist


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