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Where to see Cherry Blossoms In Washington DC and Virginia and Top Rated Photographer in Alexandria

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Updated for 2023 peak bloom. The National Park Service has predicted March 22- March 25, 2023

If you are new to the Washington DC area or plan on visiting around the end of March or the beginning of April you're in for a treat. The DC metro area is bursting with Spring and Spring in DC means cherry blossoms. This guide will give you some of the popular locations to see these awesome cherry blossoms in full bloom.

I'll start with the most popular and well known locations to see cherry blossoms, The Tidal Basin. The Tidal Basin is one of the most popular and crowded locations to view cherry blossoms in the city. People travel from around the world every year to view the cherry blossom trees.

Each year The National Park Service predicts the peak cherry blossom bloom time, but it's not 100% fool proof. The cherry blossoms are affected by the weather that leads up to peak bloom. If we experience colder temperatures leading up to peak bloom, the cherry blossom trees tend to bloom later, around the first or second week of April. When the weather tends to be warmer and temps are in the 70's leading up to peak bloom the cherry blossom trees tend to bloom earlier and closer to the last weeks of March.

The Tidal Basin is home to more than 3700 cherry trees. The white granite monuments like the Jefferson Memorial and Washington Monument provide an astonishing picturesque backdrop for cherry blossom photography. The downfall to this iconic location is crowding. As a top rated photographer, in the DC Metro Area, I've found the best time to capture this amazing site without the crowds is to visit during sunrise, early in the morning or sunset. Weekdays are typically less crowed as well, compared to the weekends.

Last year because of the covid-19 pandemic, The National Park Service closed off the Tidal Basin for cherry blossom peak bloom viewing. We are patiently waiting to see if the 2021 Cherry Blossom peak bloom season at the Tidal Basin will be open to the public for viewing.

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is scheduled to be held in Washington DC March 20th to April 17th, 2022. You can visit for a complete list of all the events scheduled and current updates.

Unique Ways To Tour Cherry Blossoms in DC

A popular an unusual approach to viewing the cherry blossom trees during peak bloom around the Tidal Basin is to book a Cherry Blossom Segway Tour with Get Your Guide. At the time this blog was written, tours start at $65 per person.

Big Bus Tours is another convenient option to visit the Tidal Basin during peak bloom and also to view other sites and iconic landmarks in the Washington DC area. They offer hop on, hop off tours around the city. Check their website for current pricing and schedules.

Another great option for viewing cherry blossoms during peak bloom is to take advantage of the waterways that flow through the area. You can choose to arrive at the Tidal Basin by water taxi. You can catch the water taxi in Old Town Alexandria, The National Harbor, or The Wharf DC.

A romantic option for couples visiting the area looking for great date ideas is to rent a pedal boat and view the cherry blossoms from a unique perspective. My favorite is the 2-person Swan Boats that have electric motors for when you get tired of pedaling. I'm all for exercise but sometimes you want to just enjoy the views and each other.

You can pedal under the trees along the busy shore, or head away from the shore to take in the entire scene. You'll have excellent views of the Washington Monument and other memorials surrounding the Tidal Basin from the water.

Other Places To View Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

The US Capitol grounds have beautiful gardens with tulips blooming and you can also catch a glimpse of some of the iconic cherry blossom trees. The largest grouping is located in the Lower Senate Park with over 100 trees surrounding the fountain and paths. Check the US Capitol's website for updates on reopening. At the time of this blog the US Capitol remains closed off because of security threats.

For my moms looking for a good place to view the cherry blossoms and also entertain the kids, visit Montrose Park, which also has a play area to give the kids something to do. Dumbarton Oaks is another great area with cherry blossom trees, magnolia trees, and spring flowers lining the paths of the beautiful garden in Georgetown.

Other Areas to View Cherry Blossom Trees

East Potomac Park, just a short drive south of the Tidal Basin

Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens, also a great place for bird watching

National Arboretum, this is an all around beautiful place to visit year round

Stanton Park, also boast the Revolutionary War hero statue of General Nathanael Greene.

Oxon Run Park, with over 200 cherry trees, making it one of the larger collections of cherry trees in Washington DC

Ft. Belvoir VA Amphitheater

Cherry Blossom Photography

Now that you've decided to visit Washington DC during this spectacular time of year, let me help you document this magical moment in time. Your family will cherish these memories for years to come. Click HERE to schedule your cherry blossom session with Timeless Moments by Presha today.

Thanks for reading! Please subscribe to my blog for more helpful tips when visiting Washington DC, things to do and top rated photography services to document your time in The Nation's Capital.


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