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Your Favorite Maternity and Newborn Photographer

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

Let me start off by saying Hello good people! Im Alicia, the creative genius behind Timeless Moments by Presha LLC. I have some exciting news to share. We are officially up and running in the DMV. Today I received my Certificate of Registration to transact business in the state of Virginia. This has been a longtime coming. The Florida process was so much easier. Timeless Moments by Presha will be serving the Northern Virginia and Washington DC Metro areas.

A little quick background information about me.- I'm originally from Georgia, born and raised. I spent about 16 years as a healthcare professional rehabilitating patients all across the country. I truly loved what I did but as times changed so did the companies I worked for. They started to become less patient focused and more focused on their bottom line. Eventually the pandemic hit and then so many of us were laid off from our careers....Let's take it back to about a year before all of that happened. I started a little photography business as a way to share my creative and artistic gift with the world. I had been a photographer for all my friends and family for years, but never charging, just sharing what I love. After a little encouragement from my loved ones, I finally decided to make it an official business in 2019. Unbeknownst to me my little side hustle would one day become a full time business with locations in 2 different states. We are currently expanding and will be looking for a part time assistant. (If you know anyone in the area with flexible hours send them my way)

I ended up keeping my original baby, Timeless Moments by Presha registered in Florida and now my new masterpiece TM Photography is officially registered in the good state of Virginia. Can't wait to show you what this new adventure will bring.

Washington DC top rated Newborn and Maternity Photographer Alicia Presha Potter of Timeless Moments by PResha and TM Photography
Do you want to build a snowman

Here's a few family photos from the last little snow storm. The next few days are expected to bring even more snow. So stay tuned for some more fun shots of my crew.

My pour little man had a terrible accident the day before this photo was taken. A combination of kids not listening and a snow ball fight gone wrong. He ducked and went right, when he should have did a hard left. He slipped, fell and hit his head on the granite top of the fire pit. Firepit obviously won. It was a pretty scary ordeal and he ended up walking away from it with 5 stitches (thanks #Sentara for great care) through his right eyebrow just above his eye. Boys will be boys I guess. #washingtonDC #woodbridgeVA

And here's a video of my business license Hooray!!

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